INXS - New Sensation

INXS - New Sensation

‘New Sensation’ is a song by Australian rock group INXS. It was the third single (second in the UK) released from their sixth studio album, Kick (1987). The single was released in the United Kingdom on 29 December 1987 and was issued worldwide the following year. It reached No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100, No. 9 in Australia, No. 25 in the United Kingdom, and No. 1 in Canada. The first line on the track, "Live, baby, live", was later referenced in the title of the band's 1991 release Live Baby Live. The original video for the song was filmed on the roof of Municipal House in Prague and directed by Richard Lowenstein. However, for this blog, I’ve chosen to share the video of the band performing the song at Wembley Stadium in 1991 – because it rocks even more.

Like all the original tracks on Kick, ‘New Sensation’ was written by lead singer Michael Hutchence along with Andrew Farriss, who played a number of instruments in the group. Farriss came up with a guitar riff that carries the track musically; Hutchence added the "seize the day" lyric, encouraging us to live boldly, seeking out new sensations. "I felt that a lot of the lyrics on the Kick album were very positive lyrics," Farriss told Songfacts. "When I listen to that album, a lot of the lyrics are about celebrating life, and I find them particularly positive." Listen carefully under the guitar and you'll hear a banjo line, which Andrew Farriss added using a sampler. The song features a signature Kirk Pengilly sax solo and lyrics about a partying lifestyle.


This was the third single from the Kick album, which took the band to a new level. Outside their home country of Australia, they had just a modest following, but the first single from the album, ‘Need You Tonight,’ was a monster, going to #1 in America. ‘Devil Inside’ followed, reaching #2, so by the time ‘New Sensation’ was released, there was no question it would get airplay. It followed the sequence, peaking at #3 in July 1988 (the next single, ‘Never Tear Us Apart,’ stopped at #7).

Cash Box called ‘New Sensation’ "the pop-iest, hookiest song on the album, perhaps the most radio ready." In January 2018, as part of Triple M's "Ozzest 100", the 'most Australian' songs of all time, ‘New Sensation’ was ranked number 44. With the promise of a "new sensation," this song is irresistible to ad agencies, who have placed it in commercials for Toyota, Sea World and McDonald's.

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Label – Atlantic
Songwriters – Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence
Producer – Chris Thomas


[Verse 1]
Live, baby, live
Now that the day is over
I got a new sensation
In perfect moments
That's impossible to refuse
[Verse 2]
Sleep, baby, sleep
Now that the night is over
And the sun comes
Like a god into our room
All perfect light and promises
Got a hold on you
A new sensation, a new sensation
Right now, it's gonna take you over
A new sensation, a new sensation
[Verse 3]
Dream, baby, dream
Of all that's come and going
And you will find out in the end
There really is
There really is no difference
Cry, baby, cry
When you got to get it out
I'll be your shoulder
You can tell me all
Don't keep it in ya
Well, that's the reason why I'm here
Hey, hey
Are you ready for (a new sensation, a new sensation)
Right now?
Gonna take you over (a new sensation, a new sensation)
(New sensation, new sensation)
(A new sensation)
[Sax Solo]
[Verse 5]
Hate, baby, hate
When there's nothing left for you
You're only human, what can you do?
It'll soon be over
Don't let your pain take over you
[Verse 6]
Love, baby, love
It's written all over your face
There's nothing better we could do
Than live forever
Well, that's all we've got to do
Hey now, I'm gonna take you over (a new sensation, new sensation)
Right now
Got a hold on you
A new sensation, new sensation
A new sensation, a new sensation
A new sensation
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